OutSystems is a low code platform that gives IT professionals and developers tools to build, deploy and manage mobile and web apps in a fast and efficient manner.

All the core development happens on Service Studio, the main OutSystems IDE, using domain-specific visual language. It provides cool functionalities like full-stack visual development & single-click deployment. It can be deployed either on Cloud or on-premise. The system can be integrated with almost all popular platforms.

study time

I had heard a lot of interesting things about OutSystems in the past and was curious to try it out. I downloaded their free environment and started exploring.

Then, last April, I started studying to get a certification to become an OutSystems Associate Web Developer.

It was almost a month of doing and redoing the same guided path and training the possible questions that might come in the test. Finally, by the end of April I passed my certification with flying colors! I scored 90% 🚀

Then, in May, I embraced this generous initiative from KinetIT to continue exploring the power of the OutSystems platform. KinetIT launched a mentorship program where I and a group of tech-savvy people were invited to complete 2 of the OutSystems official guided paths. To accomplish this, we had daily meetings to share our progress, ask questions and also weekly sessions on specific OutSystems topics.

This was a great way for me to keep learning and I am very grateful to KinetIT for the initiative and want to thank the mentors and my fellow mentees for the support during these weeks.

Let’s see what opportunities June brings!