Two weeks ago I finished the 9-week web development bootcamp at Le Wagon Lisbon.

What a journey! It’s impressive how much you can learn in 9 weeks. We started out with programming basics such as data types - always think of the data type that an operation will return!

Le Wagon class

Then, we approached flow control and more advanced concepts of OOP, like classes and inheritance.

From there, we learned about databases, schema design and SQL. We touched front end with a week of HTML, CSS and Javascript ES6. I loved learning more about AJAX.

The last part of the program involved Rails and useful tools to help building robust web apps in teams.

I had a little bit of experience with Rails before the bootcamp. I was able to put pieces of code together and make it work, but many times I didn’t understand what the code was doing. These 9 weeks helped have a much clearer picture of what’s happening there. 👩‍💻

Le Wagon batch 346 group

Throughout the bootcamp we would buddy up with other students randomly to solve code challenges. This was really great to sharpen our problem-solving skills and also to create connections with everybody.

In the final weeks students were grouped in teams of 4 to prototype, develop and ship 2 web apps. I described the 2 apps my group and I built in my webfolio, so if you want to know more please check the Secret Sessions and Outflix project pages.

After all the intensive coding, sweat and tears, I’m now searching for a junior developer job in Lisbon. 👩‍💻The bootcamp finished just as the Coronavirus became a real threat in Portugal so everybody is now on quarentine.

This is making the task of finding a new job a bit harder. If you know tech recruiters who work in Lisbon please let me know or tell them about me! I have my CV on my home page and you can also email me or reach out via contact form.

In the end, I couldn’t be happier for the amazing community that I met. The team at Le Wagon Lisbon is incredible and their support made everything easier, so a big thanks to all of the teachers, assistants and fellow students!