I’ve been trying to learn web development on my own for a while now.

The online tutorials helped me doing my personal website and MLS’ website but still Rails is a lot of magic and I’m constantly confused and don’t know how to tackle new features that I want to implement.

a computer on a table

I need to understand Ruby in depth to feel more confident about my work. So I went looking for web development bootcamps in Lisbon. I found Ironhack, Le Wagon and Academia de Código. I searched their syllabus, their length and their cost.

All these bootcamps have good reputation and good reviews from students.

Le Wagon offered, in my opinion, the most complete curriculum and was aligned with my interest in learning Ruby. The cost and the length of the bootcamp were also appealing. Le Wagon was the chosen one!

I am now doing the prep work and will start on Jan 13th. Wish me luck!